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Introducing Our Corporate Plan 2017-22

2018 - January, Latest news

asra Housing Association and Leicester Housing Association – both part of asra Housing Group – amalgamated with Paragon Community Housing to create Paragon Asra Housing (PA Housing). Together we own and manage almost 24,000 homes in London, Surrey and the Midlands.

This corporate plan sets out our commitments, priorities and ambitions for the first five years of our new organisation.

Our Board is adamant that affordable housing is central to our future and that our focus is on providing services to our residents, whilst continuing to develop new homes.

Both Paragon and asra have always been about much more than just bricks and mortar. We intend to continue to focus on the wellbeing of the people we serve and to help our neighbourhoods thrive.

We have the potential to achieve brilliant things in the next five years. And we’re under no illusion that there is much to do to harmonise our structures and ways of working. But, in doing so we will unlock the benefits which PA Housing can bring – to our customers, our employees and in the wider community.

Aman Dalvi
Board Chair, PA Housing


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