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We've secured the highest regulatory rating for Governance and Viability

2018 - April, Latest news

Paragon Asra Housing (PA Housing) secures highest regulatory rating for Governance and Viability

The Regulator of Social Housing has today announced the highest ratings to PA Housing for governance and financial viability. The Governance 1 and Viability 1 (G1:V1) ratings confirm that PA Housing fully meets the regulator’s requirements in relation to governance, and has the financial capacity to deal with a wide range of adverse scenarios.

The regulator carried out an In-Depth Assessment during January 2018. The following areas were scrutinised in detail:

  • - Overall strategy, associated risks and capacity to deliver plans
  • - Governance framework and its execution
  • - Long term business plan, stress tests and mitigation actions
  • - Risk management, and early warning triggers
  • - Financial resilience – strength and headroom, and debt planning
  • - Value for Money and the strategy to deliver improvements.

The assessment involved a comprehensive review of documents, followed by meetings with PA’s Board, Executives and some of the Committee Chairs.

“We are thrilled with the top regulatory ratings, and it is a testament to the dedication of my Board colleagues, the Executives and staff across PA for delivering all the regulator’s requirements within the first year of PA. I would like to thank them, and a number of important stakeholders who provide brilliant support in the running of the organisation. Our customers and a range of other stakeholders will also be pleased with PA’s achievements. We have strong business fundamentals, and we remain totally committed to improving our services and building more homes.”

Aman Dalvi; PA Housing's Chairman

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