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Our involvement in 'Rethinking Social Housing'

2018 - June, Latest news

 A new report called Rethinking social housing, of which PA Housing is a sponsor, has been  drawn up by the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) based on data collected by Ipsos MORI.

We urgently need to re-think the future of social housing in our society, where those living and working in social housing have been marginalised at a time of acute housing shortage. This report puts the challenge to policy makers and the housing sector ahead of the government’s Housing Green Paper. The report gives powerful evidence which shows that society wants and values social housing, and that it is fundamental to a mixed housing economy and a better society. PA Housing, as a sponsor of this report, believes social housing is essential in giving our residents positive, affordable housing choices and safe, secure, good quality homes-where every customer matters and they are at the heart of decision-taking.”

David Edwards, Vice Chair of PA Housing

View the full report     Visit the CIH website


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