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Take care with fireworks

2018 - October, Latest news

At this time of year there are occasions where fireworks are a big part of your celebrations. Whether it’s bonfire night or Diwali it’s important to take care: stay safe and follow the firework code.

The safest choice is to go to an organised display. That way you don’t have to worry about safety and you can relax and enjoy the show. The display will be much bigger than what you can do at home too!

But if you decide to go ahead with your own party here are a few simple rules to make sure everyone has a safe, enjoyable time.

Only buy from authorised sources
Shops have to be licenced to sell fireworks. That way you are sure they have been obtained from a reliable source and will be safe to use. Make sure you only buy from an approved supplier.

Make sure you’re allowed to use them at your chosen time
You can’t set them off between 11pm and 7am, except on some days. On bonfire night (5 November) there’s an extension until midnight; and for New Year’s Eve (31 December), Diwali (7 November) and Chinese New Year (5 February 2019) the cut off is 1am.

Read all the instructions and follow them
Make sure you know exactly what you have bought and whether you need anything extra to light them safely. The box will also tell you the closest safe distance to watch from. Never throw fireworks. You must not set off any fireworks, including sparklers, in the street or other public places.

Keep children well out of the way
Don’t let them get too close to the fireworks and don’t let them help. Children shouldn’t be allowed to handle fireworks, matches or tapers.

Make sure your pets are indoors
Pets might be extremely scared of fire works so it’s best to shut them indoors and leave music playing gently to help cover up the noise.

Light bonfires well away from buildings
Make sure sheds, fences, trees and buildings are far enough away that they won’t catch light accidentally.

Check for wildlife
Some animals, like hedgehogs, like to sleep in the piles of wood collected for bonfires. Always check your bonfire before you light it

Enjoy yourself!
As long as you use fireworks with care and follow all the rules, there’s no reason that your party won’t be a huge success


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