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Key Amnesty

2021 - November, Latest news

Tenancy Fraud is illegal, and the most common forms are illegal occupancy, not living in a social property but living elsewhere, subletting a home to someone else, key selling for a profit, obtaining a tenancy by making false claims about identity or circumstances, or wrongly claiming a to have a right to ‘succession’. 

Throughout November we are holding a key amnesty that gives anyone committing tenancy fraud the chance to surrender their tenancies, with no questions and no penalty.

If you think you’ve been unknowingly renting a home from one of our customers, please get in touch, and we’ll do our best to try and help you and get you the support you need to find a new home.

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While tenancy fraud’s not always easy to spot, some tell-tale signs might give people away:

  • A sudden change in who is living in the home
  • Someone being vague about who lives in the property or what their relationship is to them
  • Increased anti-social behaviour at the property
  • If your neighbour has  recently passed away and a family member is now living in the home
  • The property seems to have been uninhibited.

If you suspect someone is committing fraud, please call in confidence on 0300 123 2221


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