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PA Housing's Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

This statement has been prepared as part of the transparency requirements of section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

PA Housing is an innovative housing association that has more than 24,000 homes for rent, shared ownership and sale. PA Housing is committed to ensuring that we comply with regulatory and legal requirements including the Modern Slavery Act. 

We take care to ensure that slavery and human trafficking do not exist at PA Housing or in any part of our supply chains.  

PA Housing can state that we have no slavery, forced labour or human trafficking within our organisation, but we recognise the need to be vigilant both within PA Housing and in relation to our supply chains. We do not wish to work with any business that is knowingly involved with any form of slavery or human trafficking as part of its operations or its own supply chain. We have identified that the main risks for PA Housing are not just as an employer but also in relation to the suppliers we work with.

PA Housing is a reputable employer and all employees are treated fairly. Salary payments are made to employees directly and are not deferred, delayed or withheld. All deductions are made lawfully and transparently. 

All employees are paid more than the minimum wage and do not work hours in excess of the number permitted by law. PA Housing follows its own Agency Workers policy and only employs staff from reputable agencies that follow the requirements of the policy.  

PA Housing is a developing organisation that procures goods and services across a wide range of suppliers, some of which have long and complex supply chains.

There is a Procurement policy in place based on ethical principles and we encourage partner organisations to apply those principles to their organisations and supply chains.

PA Housing will assess any evidence of non-compliance with the requirements of the Act and take appropriate remedial action. We will take the following steps to establish if there are any instances where an action needs to be

  • New suppliers to declare that they are not involved in slavery or human trafficking and, where relevant, share their Modern Slavery transparency statement with PA Housing.
  • Include provisions in our template contract documentation requiring suppliers to take appropriate steps to ensure that there is no slavery or human trafficking in their supply chains.

Our Executive Management Team will take responsibility for implementing this statement and its objectives. They will ensure that adequate resources are in place to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Act. 

This statement will be reviewed and published annually.

April 2017

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