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Our Committees

These committees are made up of Board Members, members of the Senior Management Team, Independent members and our customers.

  • Audit and Risk Committee

    The purpose of the Audit and Risk Committee is to provide assurance to the Board around audit and risk activities, including to:

    - Oversee the internal and external audit programme
    - Review systems and procedures for internal control to ensure effectiveness
    - Oversee the risk management framework
    - Stress test the organisation’s financial viability

    The Committee is chaired by Curtis Juman.

    The Committee members are Anne Turner, Steve Amos, Rahul Jaitly and Katherine Lyons

  • Customer Services Committee

    The purpose of the Customer Services Committee is to ensure that we engage effectively with our customers and focus on enhancing the delivery of our customer experience, including to:

    - Support the effectiveness of the Scrutiny Panel, Tenant Forum and Resident Council to enable customers to scrutinise the services we provide
    - Ensure that all residents are provided with opportunity to engage with us effectively
    - Oversee the delivery of customer services across the business

    The Committee is chaired by Chris Cheshire.

    The Committee members include Rahul Jaitly, Kathleen Harris-Leighton, Stephen Cooper and Ruth Mitchell, as independent committee members and Joan Swift and Stephen Cunningham as resident members.

  • Development and Assets Committee

    The purpose of the Development and Assets Committee is to provide assurance to the Board around asset management and development activity, including to:

    - Ensure that our asset management approach supports the delivery of our strategy
    - Oversee the development programme for building our new homes
    - Oversee our regeneration programme
    - Review any new areas of commercial business

    The Committee is chaired by Chris Cheshire.

    The Committee members include Andrew Carrington, Kim Francis, Anne Turner and Tim Hill as an independent committee member.

  • Nomination and Remuneration Committee

    The purpose of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee is to ensure robust remuneration, nomination, appraisal and succession arrangements are in place, including to:

    - Make recommendations to the Board on the remuneration and terms and conditions of Board, Committee and Executive Directors
    - Recommend pay review proposals for all PA Housing colleagues
    - Lead the process for the selection and recruitment of any new Board member
    - Ensure robust Board succession planning arrangements are in place

    The Committee is chaired by Katherine Lyons.

    The Committee members include  Hattie Llewelyn-Davies, Seetle Patel and Curtis Juman.

  • Financing Group

    The Financing Group is not a permanent subcommittee of the Board and it has no decision making authority.

    It was established to perform a scrutiny and monitoring role on behalf of the Board in respect of PA Housing’s ongoing financing project in support of growth plans. Financing Group comprises four non-executive Board members and it meets twice a year.

    The Financing Group is chaired by Steve Amos.

    The Group members include Andrew Carrington, Anne Turner and Curtis Juman.


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