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Investor Relations

You could help provide homes where they’re needed.

We build homes in areas where there is an overwhelming demand for affordable housing. We have a strong business plan and are committed to supplying more high-quality new homes with low levels of subsidy.

To meet our aim we need diverse funding sources to provide necessary investment and maintain liquidity. We welcome approaches from new investors.

To support our investors we have subscribed to a portal called Investor Relations Online. The service allows us to share information with existing and potential investors quickly and simply.  The portal has been designed by bond market professionals, taking into account the needs of investors and issuers. 

As an investor in PA Housing you will benefit from a single access point through which you can build your understanding of our business and manage your ongoing due diligence, secure in the knowledge that it complies with all regulations concerning disclosure.

You can find the IRO website here:

Access IRO



Our strategy

Our strategy is to continue to fund responsible growth, with investment enhancing the value of the business.

Find our more in Our Corporate Plan

Our Corporate Plan


Our governance

Our board members are responsible for governing PA Housing. They determine our direction and strategy in an effective and accountable way. We believe that it is important that we are open and transparent in all we do.

Our Board


Announcement - 21 September 2018

2017/18 financial statements

Paragon Treasury Plc's parent company, Paragon Asra Housing Limited ('PA'), announces the release of its audited financial statements for the financial year ended 31 March 2018. These financial statements reflect the first year of trading for PA, which was formed on 13 April 2017 following the amalgamation of Paragon Community Housing Limited (‘PCH’), asra Housing Association Limited (‘AHA’) and Leicester Housing Association Limited (‘LHA’).

PA is pleased to confirm that its results for 2017/18 were in line with the Board’s financial plans. Key figures are as follows; the 2016/17 combined results for PCH, AHA and LHA are stated for comparative purposes and the results represent group-wide performance:






Turnover £m



Operating surplus £m



Operating margin



Net surplus £m



Total assets less current liabilities £m



Cash reserves £m



Financial indebtedness £m



Properties owned / managed



 These results evidence a strong and resilient financial position which allows the Board to make appropriate strategic decisions in pursuit of PA’s vision, which is to become widely recognised as a social enterprise with a reputation for providing quality homes and services – by 2022.

View Financial Statements


  • Announcement - 26 June 2018

    PA Housing welcomes new Chair

    We are very pleased to announce that after a rigorous recruitment and selection process, Hattie Llewelyn-Davies OBE has been appointed as the new Chair of PA Housing from 1 October 2018.

    Read news article

  • Announcement - 25 April 2018

    Paragon Asra Housing (PA Housing) secures highest regulatory rating for Governance and Viability

    The Regulator of Social Housing has today announced the highest ratings to PA Housing for governance and financial viability. The Governance 1 and Viability 1 (G1:V1) ratings confirm that PA Housing fully meets the regulator’s requirements in relation to governance, and has the financial capacity to deal with a wide range of adverse scenarios.  

    The regulator carried out an In-Depth Assessment during January 2018. The following areas were scrutinised in detail:

    • Overall strategy, associated risks and capacity to deliver plans
    • Governance framework and its execution
    • Long term business plan, stress tests and mitigation actions
    • Risk management, and early warning triggers
    • Financial resilience – strength and headroom, and debt planning
    • Value for Money and the strategy to deliver improvements.

    The assessment involved a comprehensive review of documents, followed by meetings with PA’s Board, Executives and some of the Committee Chairs. 

    We are thrilled with the top regulatory ratings, and it is a testament to the dedication of my Board colleagues, the Executives and staff across PA for delivering all the regulator’s requirements within the first year of PA. I would like to thank them, and a number of important stakeholders who provide brilliant support in the running of the organisation. Our customers and a range of other stakeholders will also be pleased with PA’s achievements. We have strong business fundamentals, and we remain totally committed to improving our services and building more homes.”

    Aman Dalvi; PA Housing's Chairman
  • Announcement - 28 September 2017

    Paragon Treasury Plc’s parent company, Paragon Asra Housing Limited (‘PA Housing’), announces the release of its audited financial statements for the financial year ended 31 March 2017. These are the final financial statements released by the two entities which amalgamated on 13 April 2017 to form PA Housing, namely Paragon Community Housing Limited (‘PCHL’) and asra Housing Group Limited (‘AGL’). 

    2016/17 Financial statement summary 

    PA Housing is pleased to confirm that both organisations delivered strong results for the 2016/17 financial year, with key figures as follows:






    Turnover £m




    Operating surplus £m




    Operating margin




    Net surplus £m




    Total assets less current liabilities £m




    Cash reserves £m




    Financial indebtedness £m




    Properties owned / managed




     Note: the ‘Combined’ column above represents a simple aggregation of the PCHL and AGL results, not an accounting consolidation, and is included merely to provide a guide as to the financial metrics of the new organisation PA Housing 

    These results evidence a solid financial base position from which the newly amalgamated PA Housing can prosper as it works towards its purpose of delivering more affordable homes and great customer services. 


     Value for Money Statement       Full financial report & statements

  • Announcement - 23 June 2017

    The safety of our customers is our top priority. 

    We understand that following the tragic events in London many of our customers will be concerned and have questions, especially those whose home is in a high-rise block.

    Our Fire Safety Team continues to carry out assessments, and address any concerns as quickly as possible.  PA Housing owns and manages 24,000 homes throughout the Midlands, London and the South East, of which 31 are buildings with 6 or more floors.

    All of these blocks comply with current legislation and checks will be continuing on a regular basis by PA Housing staff to make sure our customers are safe.

    We have now written to all of our customers living in these properties offering reassurance that their buildings are safe.  We have also provided them with specific information relating to their home and what to do in an emergency, as well as some more general advice on how to stay safe in their homes and how to reduce the risks of a fire.

    In the days following the fire at Grenfell Tower, all of these buildings received additional visits and in a further effort to support the fire and rescue service have adopted a zero tolerance approach to items being left in communal areas by customers.  If during routine inspections our staff find any personal items, or anything that could either act as a fuel or impede evacuation in the event of fire, these will be treated as a breach of tenancy and we will arrange for their removal.

    Our customers are the eyes and ears of PA Housing, and we are asking them to be vigilant in their approach to security and fire safety.  We are encouraging them to report any cause for concern to us immediately to allow us to address any possible issues as quickly as we can.

    We will continue to review our processes to take on-board any findings from the events at Grenfell Tower once released, and will work with our customers to ensure they remain informed and safe.


Please contact our Finance Director Simon Hatchman for further information.

Simon Hatchman
Finance Director

0116 257 6786




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